How to choose a longboard that suits you best

1. The Skateboard Duck, the longboard is divided into many types according to the play method. Long (40 to 50 inches)
and suitable for Dancing(board Dancing), as demonstrated in the video. Bhangra, Koston, the famous platypus in the
The Netherlands, etc. The bridge is generally equipped with the flexible and lightweight Paris V2, and the wheels are 70mm
wide for increased endurance and stability.

2. There are also more suitable for a rapid descent, such as Landyachtz's EVO, Bustin's Ibach, Koston's war elephant, and other board models. Bridge generally with a stable Caliber bridge, the wheel with about 75mm speed drop wheel, enhance grip and speed sense.

3. There is another type of board suitable for playing Freeride (free sliding, generally in a variety of ways to control the speed in your own comfortable range of play). More suitable boards include Bustin Sportster, Landyachtz 9two5,
Landyachtz switchable, Rayne killswitch, Koston destroyer, etc.

4. There is also a type of board suitable for Freestyle (flat pattern), which is generally light, with slightly elastic board surface and symmetrical head and tail. Bustin Boombox series, Yoface series, Koston's battle spirit, Loaded hypercube, Strailboard etc.

5. There are some other ways of playing, such as obstacle race, which use relatively shortboard, support with the upright
shaft, and smaller wheels, so as to achieve the purpose of flexibly crossing obstacles.