Ainol Novo 9 Spark Quad Core 20130320-V1 Firmware

Storage:330.75 MB
Products: novo9-Spark-20130320-V1

The main improved version of the firmware:
1. Video playback performance optimization and display effect
2. 480 * 272 resolution support
3. Nand driver upgrade, support in 20 nm, etc. The latest technology products
4. The photo preview frame rate to optimize to 30 FPS, support BT656 interface
5. Dormancy awakening time optimization
6. Support the facial recognition unlock function
7. Compatible with MTP/UDISK connection mode
8. Support card starting with Dr
9. Optimized rear photographer in the head photo effect and photo exposure
10. Optimize the front photographer in the head photo appear red spot phenomenon


Note: First start to the OS, the lock screen interface unlock operation of fast may not be able to unlock, please wait in the release (time about ten seconds)