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Ainol Novo Android Tablet PC Firmware update

Ainol Novo7 Knight Paladin Data Base

After setting Recovery, the built-in APK disappear, can download and install.

Ainol Novo7 Knight Paladin Firmware Android4.0.3 update


Please ensure more than 50% power or ready charger before Novo7 Knight upgrade

Upgrade process will format all data, please keep your important message

During upgrade process can't press the reset.

1: Copy zip in sd card boot directory, insert the sd card, affter recognition by Ainol Novo7 Knigt, trun off.

2: Hold the volume + and turn on key, waiting for the machine into the promotion model, when the machine is jumped over the boot logo into a robot after picture loosen buttons

3: Waiting for progress bar run, the machine will automatically boot into the system

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